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Extending the reach of big-data revolution into traditional industries using Artificial-Intuition. While focusing on supply chain challenges, we strive to make operations digitalization easy, cost efficient and safe.

For a video analytics solution to actually work, it has to overcome two challenges – (i) cost and time associated with local processing of visual data and (ii) turnaround time and security issues arising from sending data to the cloud.


ASIO developed an Artificial Intuition – based solution (patent pending) to maintain the right balance. By emulating “brain intuition” – we offer a set of intelligent algorithms which when coupled with visual data already available through deployed cameras – has the power to generate meaningful actionable observations.




Reconnecting the supply chain - starting from the ocean freight

The oceans provide the main transport arteries for global trade as 90% of traded goods are carried over the waves. Today, maritime supply chain demand is under massive growth, and operational bottlenecks over the sea and terminals are becoming, key global supply risks.

Due to high CAPEX requirements and challenging integration, only 1 out of 10 ports adopt modern monitoring technologies and transforms to a “smart port”.

ASIO deploys its ‘Artificial-Intuition’ based system to monitor maritime facilities, ships, and offshore facilities, providing real-time monitoring and management.

Our mission is to significantly improve port operational efficiency, safety, and security by utilizing existing camera systems, thus transforming traditional marine terminals into smart facilities overnight.

Our unique approach to existing visual data and the derived technology provides:


Operational oriented analytics


Game changing reliability


Seamless integration with traditional systems


Compliance with regulation (GDPR, CCPA)



ASIO is biomimicking how our brain analyses and filters multiple vision queues to deliver next-gen solutions (Patent-pending) - We call it Artificial-Intuition. ASIO’s ‘Artificial-Intuition’ is inspired by cognitive processes for efficient and reliable utilization of visual data. 


Our unique technology allows any port or terminal to dramatically increase its operational efficiency and safety, overnight using already deployed camera systems. ASIO delivers a SaaS-based solution composed of adaptive visual data extraction, analysis, and a hybrid management platform


Existing solutions provide either traditional or pinpoint solutions that are difficult to integrate holistically in a cost-effective way. ASIO’s solution is a multi-layered service that significantly reduced the infrastructure TCO and integration complexity.



ASIO delivers a SaaS-based solution composed of adaptive visual data extraction, analysis, and a hybrid management platform

What makes us different?

No more pinpoint solutions

Efficiency focused system with multi domain benefits

Effortless integration

Keep your TOS and existing infrastructure


Our SaaS based solution is ready for wide variety of terminal types and needs

Connect your assets no matter where they are

Cloud based architecture enables data transfer and insights benefits between remote sites.

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